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January 24, 2007

bad bad blogger

I'm the worst blogger in the world - last entry almost 20 days ago...

Bike's still stolen and not replaced yet - this month I've had the pleasure of using a carte orange ticket and taken the metro everywhere. Especially appreciated today as it snowed in an extremely wet kind of way - one of those snow showers where if you don't have a brolly it gives you an ice cream headache without the ice cream (I had a brolly though, but amazing how many people didn't).

Admittedly I feel a bit guilty since my trip to work is all of two metro stops, but I have to get my daily quota of 1.9 trips a day to make it worth the carte orange ticket - surprisingly the carte orange isn't much of a bargain vs the regular carnet of 10 tickets, although it is an awful lot less crinkled up purple pieces of paper in the pocket (and inevitably laundry).

And you still can't complain about the price overall - I was in London over xmas (and again just after new year), and the single ticket for the tube is now £4!!! What's that, 6 euros per trip? Unbelievably outrageous price, although still pale compared to taxi prices over there - I think taxi seats are now classed as real estate in the UK, and a trip across town is seen a short-hold lease....

January 6, 2007


The BBC news site had an article about a french website that puts you in touch with your neighbours;

The idea is that you sign up, answer a few questions about yourself, and you and your details appear on a map. Your neighbours can then get in contact if they want to, and local events can be announced etc. It looks like an internet dating site, but without the dating, if that makes sense.

It already seems incredibly popular, and in my neighbourhood there was already loads of people signed up. I didn't totally understand the questions that I was asked, so my responses were a bit lame - perhaps if I put some effort into it I could meet some people from around here which might be nice (my user name is TrickyNicky if you want to hunt me down). In the picture above, I'm the red balloon, and it seems that I live on a very dull street, since I'm the only one signed up. Well, that's one way of looking at it, the other way could be that everyone on my street has a life and doesn't need to sign up to sites like this :-)

January 2, 2007

No Cycling

At some point between before new year and today my bike was stolen. I arrived at the bike racks to find only the severed remains of my lock - the lock that was designed for motorbikes, with a category E security level - I had assumed that was high enough as the skinny bike locks were category C (no category A or B locks it seems).

This was a day I'd been anticipating to be honest. In fact the moment before I turned the corner I said to myself 'I bet my bike's been nicked', and voila, it was! Not actually psychic though, as I say this to myself every morning! Since moving to my petite studio, I've had to lock my bike outside. Slowly it's been stripped of various bits such as lights, bells, and pump (pretty stupid to have left that on there admittedly). Any day I was expecting it to be gone, or at the very least with it's wheels trodden into a useless L shape.

Even more annoyingly, you can't go and buy a cheap nicked replacement in Paris either. Unlike Britain, which has a thriving bike recycling business (not as in aluminium, if you hadn't been reading very carefully), here you can't get a second hand bike for under 100€. Fortunately you can get brand new bikes for 70€ from supermarkets and sports shops. No, it doesn't make sense to me either.