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Dans le Noir

I was out with a friend last night, and we were exploring some of the local bars that I'd not been able to persuade anyone else to come and visit (getting someone to leave their quartier is like pulling teeth, honestly!). We headed up rue Quincampoix, which is just behind my road, and she pointed out a restaurant called 'Dans Le Noir'.

It didn't look too friendly, with all the windows completely blacked out, but apparently that's the whole point. The restaurant is literally in the dark, with everyone sitting in pitch blackness, unable to see even their plate in front of them.

She said when they went there, their group had consisted of friends of friends who they had not met, and they had arrived late. During the whole meal they hadn't a clue what the other people at the table looked like, and it wasn't until they emerged that they could finally see if the person had lived up to the imagined likeness.

It sounds bizarre, but probably worth a try. My first thought was that plenty of naughtiness must go on, and so it would probably be wise to sit boy girl boy girl. I then wondered if they banned smoking, since all those cigarettes would probably ruin the effect. Also it's probably not a good idea to order the spaghetti...

Update: I talked to another friend, and he said they had had a great experience there too. He had gone thinking it all sounded lame, which perhaps helped that he had expected the worst and then been surprised. They do ban smoking, and anything else that gives out light like cell phones etc, and he did say wear old clothes - apparently the hardest thing to do is pour the wine (and know when to stop, although to be honest I find that a problem even in the daylight, not that he probably meant the same thing). After the meal, as they emerged into the light, he wondered if everything would have a new vibrancy, but he found the opposite - everything seemed a bit duller somehow after the heightened experience in the darkness.


I went there a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Little did my fellow diners know I kept a finger in their wine glass while topping it up to know whether I'd reached the top or not...

The food wasn't awesome, but the experience was.

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