Welcome to my world! My name's Nik, and I'm a British expatriate who has been living in Paris, France for the last five years. Even though I never planned to stay in Paris for very long, now I'm here I've no plans to leave soon - the beauty of Paris has never worn off, and so far it's been a five year long vacation! Enjoy my ramblings...

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pick n mix

Just a bits & pieces post today. I thought I'd clear out the photos from my phone and stick some of the more pointless ones here.

Now that I'm living nice and centrally, even during a quick pop to the shops you end up seeing what's going on in the town center. Several times I've found the streets all blocked off by police and a general anticipation of something coming down the road. I figured that it'll probably be a big demonstration or parade for some good cause. However, so far they don't seem to be either.


This one is just lots of motorbikes. That's it, just loads of motorbikes. Even the police motorbikes were joining in, with lots of revving and blowing whistles (why whistles? No idea, maybe it's a Hells Angels thing). Some of the others I've seen have been just big rave parades. Not a good cause in sight - just lots of people making lots of noise (*sigh* how old do I sound!).

This next pic is a fountain at the pyramid in the Louvre. I'd not noticed it before, so I think it's new. It might not be new of course, and I've been walking round with my eyes shut. The old fountains didn't have all that misty stuff around it...


Then this one is of a cake. I once ordered it at a restaurant thinking it sounded really exotic - it's pain d'epice, or 'spicy cake'. I love cinnamonny things, so was in hope that it would be utterly overladen with the stuff, but when it came it looked like this;


Back home in Sheffield we call it 'parkin'. Basically, cheap as dirt, gooey treacle cake. About as exotic as egg'n'chips. To make things even worse they even served it with 'créme anglais', which is the french idea of what custard should be like. They make it as a thin runny vanilla sauce, whch is about as far from custard as you can get. Real custard should be nice and thick with a heavy skin on top. Just like they did at school.

Finally, here's a pic of the roller blade tour. Every friday and sunday they block of loads of streets and thousands of people charge along on roller blades. This is obviously the sunday one, since it's in the daylight (the Friday one goes from 10pm to about 2am), and is mainly for the not so good roller donors;


Definitely worth seeing if you just happen to be on the route (which seems to change each week). Especially the Friday night one, since it's amazing to see such a huge crowd pour past at great speed...