Welcome to my world! My name's Nik, and I'm a British expatriate who has been living in Paris, France for the last five years. Even though I never planned to stay in Paris for very long, now I'm here I've no plans to leave soon - the beauty of Paris has never worn off, and so far it's been a five year long vacation! Enjoy my ramblings...

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More big gaps between blog entries. No excuse - I'm just lazy...

I was with an english friend in the pub the other day, and we were talking about the euro currency, and how the British people have stubbornly refused it. The conversation had arisen drunkenly about the merits of democracy and whether referendums embodied democracy or not. An example was that the British had decided that they didn't want the euro currency because it would be a loss of identity rather than any great economic decision.

This lead on to pointing out how GB was actually smack in the middle of the coin, and if that wasn't a sign of being the centre of europe, then what was?


However, since we were drunk, the conversation also covered the fact that because Norway was not in the EU, and missing from the coin, it made Sweden and Finland look like meat and two veg (actually in looking for a pic of a coin, I found someone who'd handily produced the pic above!).

Clearly a referendum didn't help here. You can imagine the voting cards - 'Citizens of Finland, No to European Currency or Yes to being the balls of Europe'...


"the balls of Europe..."


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