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April 22, 2006

Two legged dog

Here's an amazing story - a dog that walks on two legs! Not that it has much choice, but at least it's a really happy dog...

April 22, 2006

Encore Moi

I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last entry. Well, I can believe it's been 10 days, but I find it hard to believe I've been so negligent of my blog! It seems that entries either pop out of nowhere, or I need to sit down and have a little thing about what I'd like to write about. Lately I haven't got round to sitting down, and certainly not had any sudden inspirations. In fact I still haven't, it's just that I can't stand to leave such a gap.

So, I thought I'd treat everyone to what I look like, if anything just so you all can see how much I look like that beer bellied avatar oop top of this blog. Recently I was asked to write an article for a healthcare trade mag (the British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management - even the acronym (BJHC&IM) is a mouthful!). They've asked for a few piccies to go with the piece, and since the piece is a bit techy it's been hard to think of what to send, but I thought I should send a mug shot at the very least.

So far, attempts have been a bit hit or miss;


although I have been informed that it's not obligatory for mugshots to contain a mug, even if it's coffee...

April 12, 2006

Expensive cakes

While waiting to check in some guests at our rue des Rosiers apartment, Chris and I had a couple of the fantastic falefel kebabs you can buy in that area. The guests phoned to say they'd been delayed on the RER, and so we went into a boulangerie to find some cakes for dessert.

The boulangerie we went into had some really nice cheese cake - not like the stodgy Starbucks type stuff, but really light and delicous. It was probably jewish style, since that's the flavour of the whole street, but I've no idea if there's such thing as a jewish cheese cake, but if there is and this was it, then it was great cheese cake!


However, while we were waiting in line, someone ahead of us bought some little cookies - the boulangerie lady placed them on some scales and they came to 46 euros!!!

We wondered about this for a while and thought perhaps it was in francs, or the price hadn't been set in on the scales, and then we noticed there were loads of different cakes priced at 30 to 50 euros per kilo! We rapidly rechecked the price of our cheese cake (yup, 3 euros), and then rechecked it again (yep, 3 euros per piece, not per gram).

There's only one conclusion - there is a boulangerie in the Marais selling cocaine laced cakes! They were very popular...

Or, of course, they were very good cakes. How good can a cake be though!

Watchmen on Mars

Apparently another face has been found on Mars.

All the news items are calling it a 'happy face'.

Sooo uncool. Obviously they never read my blog on Watchmen...

Actually, it seems to be a mirror version though. Maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I always thought it was this way round anyway, although the moment I flipped it, it looked wrong again...

April 5, 2006


I noticed a visit or two was coming from, and so I wondered over there to find out who it was, and it turns out to be a really cool personal web portal thing (um, I can't think what to actually call it).

It looks like you can set up your own webspace, with RSS feeds, create your own blog etc. I've seen other sites that do the same thing, but this one is really nice. Each sub window is drag and drop, you can type straight into the page and it's all very very clearly laid out.

Have a look here

April 4, 2006

One way window

It didn't take long after arriving in France before seeing the differences between the way the British view the French and the French view the British.

The tabloid press has never been one of Britains proudest achievements, and general disparaging remarks about Europe and the French in particular are fairly common. However, in France the press is completely different. While the lack of sensationalism makes the french press a little dull, it at least can claim a certain amount of dignity and integrity. Britain seems to be held in a reasonably high esteem, and appears to be held as an example to follow. The fact that the french seem to have so much respect for the British makes stories like this all the more shameful. An owner of a British budget airline has made a few ill judged remarks about the current spate of protests and strikes, saying " condemns French strike action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work!".

The french seem suitably outraged by this remark, although the jet2 owner's response was "well, they call us les rosbifs"

So, he missed the point entirely! The French couldn't care less about being called frogs, but to openly call them lazy would be plain suicide (if you were standing in Place d'Italie a few nights ago).

And that demonstrates one of the biggest differences in our cultures. Forget language, food, and music - British are insulted by name calling, the french are insulted by questioning actions. Easily proved by going into an english pub and calling someone a wanker, followed by going into a french shop and saying you were given the wrong change.